May 21, 2013


I don't do Mondays well and I'm okay with it because honestly, who does?  Wait, don't answer that because it might make me feel bad about myself. 

But Tuesdays?  I'm good at Tuesdays.  It's the day that I don't always feel the need to get up and go because I go to the gym in the afternoon so I can lounge if I like but I don't.  I usually use it as my day to get chores done.

This morning I began the day by making a few phone calls to poll some friends about a certain scenario I'm dealing with.  One of those phone calls turned into a long, lovely conversation with a good friend I haven't talked to in a few months.  Do you want to know the cost of that phone call?  A dollar.  Because while I was busy on the phone and cleaning the bathrooms at the same time, the little ones took out a box of straws from my silverware drawer and used them as their toys.  Awesome.  Money well spent, I'd say.  Wouldn't you?

I also used this method today to clean my washing machine.  It's sparkling right now.  And I feel awesome about it because cleaning that has been on my to-do list for a few weeks now.

I read a few chapters in the Book of Mormon today--more than I intended--and I came away feeling that the Lord knows me, loves me and promises to take care of me.  Exactly what I needed after yesterday.  It's not-so-surprising how that happens. 

My boys just sat down to do their reading for the night and I surprised them by pulling out the rainbow licorice leftover from the weekend's Skylander party.  I never do that but I don't know why.  I think I should more often.

Marc just got home from work--and Christian ran to greet him with a very emphatic and loving Daddy, I love you. 

Who doesn't love a good Tuesday?

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Cumorah said...

What a beautiful day. Here's to Tuesdays everywhere!