May 25, 2013

9 years

We are off to a rough start today and here's why, quoting a friend from her facebook post the other day: "...yesterday never ended and today never really started...they just formed into one day." 
Last night we had a severe lack of sleep. At first I just couldn't sleep. Then around 12:30 am right around the time I was dozing off, Ella woke up crying. When I checked on her I realized she had a fever and was having trouble breathing.  I took her to the kitchen to get her a drink and heard the big boys in the basement.  What?  They had disobeyed Marc's direct order to go to bed after their movie and stayed up 2 extra hours before getting caught.  So around 1:00 am I found myself in the thick of motherhood--worried sick about my baby girl and fuming mad at the two older boys.  I suppose it's fitting having to mother in the middle of the night on the 24th of May because while I don't celebrate myself today, the 25th, it is my 9th anniversary of becoming a mother. 
 Not to be deterred, we are celebrating our one and only Carter today.

Not unlike 9 years ago we are still learning and growing together.
Sometimes it's great and others, like last night, aren't.
But regardless of all that I'm so grateful for how hard he is trying to be grown up.
And I sure hope he feels special today.

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Colleen said...

I love that! It's usually Mother's Day for me when I find myself in the thick of motherhood on a day I think I might get to put my feet up a little. I hope, in spite of the sleeplessness, it was a great day to celebrate your Carter AND the motherhood he gave you! :)