April 12, 2013

A Dinner Argument

POST EDIT:  Tonight during our dessert of chocolate ice cream, I realized Christian doesn't say 'licious.  He actually says "wicious.  It sounds even cuter when I think of it that way.  He also ended the argument this evening by saying "No, it's 'wicious AND nummy."  Cue a sigh of contentment.  I LOVE my kids.

Should I blog, should I blog, should I blog?  I've been on the fence for quite some time.  I used to love it and I still love the benefits of it but sometimes I have nothing to say.  And I shy away from the pressure of having something current up all the time.  But there's this cute little argument that goes on at our dinner table right now that I want to be able to remember in years to come so today, I blog.

I've been rocking dinner lately.  If I do say so myself.  This week I made (or am planning on making):
I forgot to buy the broccoli rabe and I could have done without the sauce but the whole family liked the chicken and I served it with roasted asparagus.
I've been craving Panera Bread's Sonoma Chicken Stew for a few weeks now and since it's apparently seasonal cannot get my hands on it so I've been looking for something I can make to satisfy the craving.  This fits the bill.
I just made the stew from Ina's recipe but halved the amount of onions and didn't actually use the pearl onions.  I also substituted the parsley for 1/2 t. thyme.  I changed the biscuit recipe a bit (though I've made them following these instructions and they are fantastic) and baked them separately.  I omitted the honey and instead added 1 t. sugar, 1 c. Colby jack cheese, 1/4 c. cheddar cheese, 1 1/2 t. dried parsley and 1/8 t. dried thyme to the dry mixture and followed the rest of the instructions for adding the buttermilk and folding the biscuits.  Instead of using a round cutter, I cut them with a knife to form triangular biscuits like Panera serves.  Holy Cow Delicious.   
Meatball Sandwiches
Did you know that with the purchase of a sandwich, you can get day old bread from Jimmy John's. 
 When we sit down to dinner this happens often:
Me: Mmmmm.  This is delicious.
 (I say this genuinely; I love good food and most of the time when I make my menu, it's to please me.  Sorry, family.  I'm a little selfish.)
Then Christian mimics me and this is where the cute little argument starts.
Christian: This is 'licious.
Ella: No.  It's nummy.
Christian: No.  It's 'licious.
Ella: No.  It's nummy.
Christian: No.  It's 'licious.
Ella: No.  It's nummy. 
They go on and on and on until one of them gets distracted.
Since both the babies are verbal now, their daily arguments can be tiresome but this one is heartwarming.  And since I don't get much praise from the older boys, I'll take these little ones' thank you's for their meal anyway I can get it.  Even when it sounds like "You say
 tom-A-to, I say tom-AH-to."


Dan and Katie said...

So cute! I'm sure it was both 'licious and nummy!!

Allison said...

So funny!! That is a good argument though :) And yes you make some good food. I wish I had the motivation to make food right now. Everything that I want to make and then make just never tastes how I want it to. :(

Cumorah said...

Yes to blogging. I'm in the same boat as you...I do it rather sparingly these days...but sparingly is better than not at all. So yes, my dear, continue to fill us in on these little delights whenever you see fit. We'll still be here to enjoy them!

Colleen said...

That is an awesome argument to be having! I am always SO happy when I can please the crowd...which is RARE. :)

Jamie Y. said...

Well hello, stranger! So cute, definately blog worthy :) Love the family pic on your header, seriously adorable family.