September 17, 2012

2012: The Best Summer Ever

We had the best summer ever! 
And I attribute it to accomplishing everything on our bucket list.
Except for the Rockies game--we went to Sky Sox instead where Ella had a puking incident.
We didn't go camping because let's be honest here, is camping fun with a 2 year old and a 1 year old?  I think not.
 But the boys did go to Idaho where they went cabining and four wheeling with Grandma and Grandpa Phillips and many of their cousins.
We didn't quite make it to America the Beautiful Park
nor did we end up making pretzels or milkshakes.
Oh and the pet, we didn't get a pet.
Besides that, we did everything and it was so fantastic I wasn't really ready for the day in and day out school routine.
I'm terrible at documenting but here are a handful of summer pics:
Carter's and Ella's birthdays kick of summer. 
Ella received these 2 babies for her birthday and has loved snuggling them.

These boys thoroughly enjoyed pool days. 
As did I!  Nothing beats time with friends in the sun.

One day at the pool, Ella decided to climb into the basket underneath the stroller.
Obviously, she got stuck.
Obviously I'm that mom that needs to photograph it before coming to the rescue.

I got to hike the Incline twice with my dad in the early hours of the day. 
I feel so accomplished when I look back at where my body was a year ago. 


Jamie Y. said...

I'm with you. Last summer was hard with a new baby and I think it made me appreciate how good this summer was. So glad you enjoyed yours too.

Colleen said...

Agreed. Camping with babies, not fun. Next summer we can make milkshakes and pretzels together! And hit America the Beautiful Park. Never done that with my kids... :/ You do look fantastic, really!